How Australian TV Powerhouse Uses SysAid

It seems THEPLAYROOM has something for everyone—National Geographic for nature lovers, The Wiggles for kids, and classics from Disney, Warner Brothers, and MGM for all those movie-lovers in between. As Australia’s leading digital broadcasters, THEPLAYROOM is the only independent facility in Australia able to offer full HD broadcast play-out for world-class media brands. In fact, it's considered the most technologically advanced digital media hub in Australia.

Behind the scenes, everyone at the THEPLAYROOM is working hard to keep their service and technology on the forefront of digital broadcasting and distribution, across a vast range of television, web, mobile, and IPTV platforms.

Now, take a step back and imagine what THEPLAYROOM’s IT department looks like. That’s right—super busy and very demanding. A facility like THEPLAYROOM has to be efficient, fast, and accurate at all times, which is why they choose SysAid’s service desk and asset management to handle their IT department.

THEPLAYROOM Wins the 2nd SysAid iPad 2 Raffle THEPLAYROOM Wins the 2nd SysAid iPad 2 Raffle THEPLAYROOM Wins the 2nd SysAid iPad 2 Raffle THEPLAYROOM Wins the 2nd SysAid iPad 2 Raffle

A Unique Approach to IT Management

As a service provider, THEPLAYROOM’s core goal is to engage their customers and provide them with the best service possible. With 14 IT admins using a unique workflow-based approach, THEPLAYROOM uses SysAid to ensure that their staff is responsive across all technology streams (traditional IT), broadcast engineering, and post production engineering. Everyday, they face common IT challenges such as, big data, consolidation, and virtualization.

Before SysAid, THEPLAYROOM had another incident management solution in place; but in 2011, THEPLAYROOM’s IT organization matured and they required a solution with more features to help them meet all their growing needs—leading them to SysAid.

SysAid provides a more advanced IT management solution that includes process compliance, efficiencies, and general capacity planning, which are all key to THEPLAYROOM’s developing needs and new strategy. Even THEPLAYROOM’s media department is deploying more services to clients than ever before, and they have developed a fundamental need for SysAid in their department. Consequently, THEPLAYROOM is planning to add eight additional admins to facilitate this growth.

Craig Armsworth, the Technology Director at THEPLAYROOM, explains:

"SysAid offers a more streamlined interaction from both the client/user perspective and from the administrator perspective. Being able to assign SLA targets to incidents and manage change requests are just a few examples of how SysAid helps us complete our day-to-day operations more efficiently."

Armsworth also mentioned the benefits of developing a pre-deployment plan for IT pros, and how teaching end users to engage using the help desk accelerated the educational process: “This training was very effective and the majority of requests are now submitted through SysAid’s portal, with only a few preferring email or telephone.”

THEPLAYROOM believes SysAid is the right partner to support their growing technical and service needs as they expand over the years ahead.

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