mothers2mothers: A Most Worthy (Double) Winner of SysAid’s iPad 2 Sweepstakes

mothers2mothers Wins the SysAid iPad 2 Raffle

mothers2mothers (m2m), with over 700 sites in 9 countries, have been providing HIV education in Africa since 2001, helping to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. In the worldwide struggle against HIV, mothers2mothers’ life-saving work has attracted many well-known and influential individuals, including Michele Obama, Laura Bush, Bill Clinton, Elton John, and David Beckham - who have all specifically contributed to and supported the cause.

SysAid is grateful for the essential services that m2m provides and for their constant dedication towards the health of women and children in Africa, which is why we could not have been happier that such a worthy organization won the SysAid iPad 2 Sweepstakes. As SysAid CEO, Israel Lifshitz, said in his personal video message to m2m, "I am proud that the SysAid software is a part of what you do and hopefully making your work easier."

The six-member IT team at m2m, led by Paul Pienaar, each won their very own iPad 2 that they can use for both business and pleasure. When members of the SysAid team travelled to South Africa to personally deliver the iPads, they also delivered an extra surprise from our CEO, who said: "Here at SysAid we were really impressed with the global humanitarian aspect of mothers2mothers and that is why we decided to donate an extra six iPads for any use that your esteemed IT Manager feels is worthy."

mothers2mothers Wins the SysAid iPad 2 Raffle mothers2mothers Wins the SysAid iPad 2 Raffle mothers2mothers Wins the SysAid iPad 2 Raffle mothers2mothers Wins the SysAid iPad 2 Raffle

It was a DOUBLE WIN for mothers2mothers that they were thrilled to receive as much as we were thrilled to bestow!

With the extra six iPads, Paul found a fun way to encourage his end users to use SysAid for submitting service requests, rather than hijacking his team in the office corridors for any matter that was certain to take "only a minute"! Sound familiar? In any case, since m2m recently added Password Services to their SysAid package, Paul had to get people in the organization to enroll, in order to make use of the cost-cutting and time-saving features that Password Services guarantees. So, he announced that anyone who enrolls (enters their credentials) to SysAid's Password Services, will be eligible to win a very valuable prize. The raffle idea worked; a huge percentage of m2m employees signed up! The end-user winners were so happy when the prize was revealed. The extra iPads that SysAid donated found their way around Africa - to Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia.

The winning IT team members were also ecstatic to receive their prizes and expressed how they were looking forward to getting started using SysAid's mobile capabilities from their new iPad 2 tablets.

If you would like to donate to mothers2mothers, please click here.