SysAid Implementation at Marvell Israel

Marvell Israel implemented SysAid as their IT Management software.

Shortly after, SysAid was widely adopted and expanded to cross-organization usage, creating a single platform for submitting, tracking and analyzing incidents within the organization. This move has eliminated the need for a call center and resulted in maximum organizational efficiency. Maoz Mussel, the Information Applications Group Manager in IT shares insights and unveils their success story.

Describe the process inside Marvell to introduce SysAid in IT:

Marvell Israel's 1200 employees are expected to compete on a global-level with some of the most cutting-edge technological competitors. To enable them to do so they must have world-class working conditions, including efficient real-time IT support. 

Since we installed SysAid in 2003, we have established a process to encourage users to approach IT support only through the software. Our management fully supported IT's decision to make SysAid the exclusive means of communication with the IT support team. We then instructed the IT administrators not to deal with any incident without an open service request. They guided the users to do so and the transition worked very well.

What are the factors that were used to educate the employees to use SysAid?

At Marvell Israel we are accustomed to embracing new solutions and we know that educating the users is key to a seamless implementation - every new employee attends a training session, in which we explain Sobre SysAid and the support process. During the last 3 years, after a series of big investments in Israel, Marvell faced a significant challenge, successfully merging its diverse acquisitions into one efficient unified organization This was also a challenge for the Information Applications Group which was now assigned with the task of implementing a single platform for IT support throughout the organization. Users discovered SysAid ease of use and quickly embraced the advantages of a single software interface vs. the traditional call center largely because of SysAid’s simplicity and intuitive interface.

You are not using a call center. This is highly unusual; please explain what makes this possible.

Not using a call center means one has to provide alternative communication channels to ones’ users. We use a few important functionalities, supported by SysAid:

  • Simple web forms to submit service requests. Simplicity is important to allow the users to describe the problem as if they were talking to an IT Administrator.
  • Updating the status of Service Requests from New to Open very quickly so that the users get the initial feedback of being handled.
  • Always assign a Service Request to a specific administrator by default, to reinforce the message that someone is handling the Service Request. This IT administrator is responsible for making sure that the request is being solved. The user knows who is taking care of the problem.
  • Using SysAid built-in notification mechanism on any change in the Service Request. This enables the users to know at any given time what the status of the request is.
  • Once the solution is provided, we make sure to document it. It is important for future incidents to write down what the problem was and how it was solved.

Describing SysAid as a success, how do you measure success?

Marvell defines its success in terms of quality of support as well as cutting edge innovation. A system such as SysAid is defined by the quality of service it provides. Efficiency, measurement and hand-on management, these are qualities we expect from our staff. I found all three in SysAid. Users expect a solution right here, right now, whereas I want maximum efficiency while retaining minimum overhead. I encourage the support team to search for the solution instead of starting an investigation and this proves to be a very effective method. Today, I find it easier to handle everything via SysAid. The fact that many departments other than IT asked to use SysAid for their own additional purposes speaks volumes of its success within Marvell.

What departments are using SysAid besides IT?

In Marvell Israel, SysAid is not only used for IT Management. It has also been deployed for the Logistics & Facilities department supporting operation, furniture, air conditions, and also company vehicles, all are listed in SysAid. Almost all departments have it: R&D uses it as well as our test and validation labs. SysAid is in use for 3 years now to manage and track the development tools, CAD tools, Configuration Management and much more. Finance has also opted for SysAid after they saw its success.

What are the key elements in SysAid that helped your process to become a success?

There are a few factors on the administrators’ side:

  • Multiple view options enables the administrators to customize and save the relevant information  according to their needs
  • Highly customizable solution on one hand, yet simple and intuitive on the other
  • SysAid’s powerful Filter Builder retrieves the specific information requested
  • Single Sign-On saves the need to re-login
  • Notification mechanism alerts the administrator regarding assigned requests
  • Search for similar incidents which occurred in the past
  • Escalation rules for handling priorities and due-dates.
  • Support of multiple companies and locations

For the end-users it is mainly the simplicity. We have seen other alternatives where users didn’t understand what they needed to do. It was too cumbersome. With SysAid, they do it in one simple form which they can submit to IT, Logistics or Labs for example.

How did you find Ilient as a partner?

Turning to SysAid for a helpdesk software proved to be beneficial for both companies and resulted in a fruitful collaboration. It has been a win-win situation, where we expressed our wishes and Ilient was very attentive and collaborative. Some of our requests were implemented and helped shape the next generation of SysAid. We have a robust system, adjusted to our specific needs and work process.

Sobre Marvell:

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