SysAid Time

Sarah Lahav | CEO

Sarah Lahav

SysAid Technologies' first employee, Sarah is now CEO and a vital link between SysAid and its customers since 2003. As CEO, she takes a hands-on role evolving SysAid with the dynamic needs of service managers. Together with Sarah's great interpersonal skills and technical expertise, she engages in direct consultation with SysAiders and industry professionals across the globe, paving the way for an innovative, bright future.

Israel Lifshitz - CEO & Founder

Israel Lifshitz

Israel Lifshitz founded SysAid Technologies in 2002. After years of working with complex and costly software solutions, the gap in the market for simple and cost-effective software solutions was evident. That's when Israel devised SysAid with the singular mission of simplifying the lives of IT managers all over the world by giving them one service desk with all the essentials.

Oded Moshe | VP Products

Oded Moshe

With 15 years of experience in various Product and IT Management positions, Oded joined SysAid Technologies in 2008, and has continued to pave the way for the future of SysAid products.


Eran Waldman | VP Finance


Eran Waldman

Eran Waldman leads the financial administration and human resources at SysAid, including investor relations for SysAid's business clients. Eran Waldman was part of the SysAid team for 8 years as the licensed CPA before officially joining the SysAid staff as the VP of Finance in 2011. He brings years of high-tech financial experience as a CPA, business owner, and financial specialist to SysAid.

Eliezer Dikstein | VP Research & Development

Eliezer Dikstein

At the helm of SysAid Technologies Research & Development, Eliezer steers the future of SysAid’s product developments. Eliezer brings over 27 years of experience in the hi-tech industry, leading R&D organizations in various technologies.

Joseph Zargari | VP Customer Relations

Joseph Zargari

Since 2006 Joseph has been the vital link between SysAid and its customers. As the VP Customer Relations, he oversees all customer support functions, including technical support, general queries, payments, and the SysAid Community forum.

Hanan Baranes - VP Professional Services

Hanan Baranes

As VP of Professional Services, Hanan is committed to overseeing the successful implementation of new SysAid systems, assisting users to advance their SysAid capabilities, and customizing SysAid using the API. Hanan strives in all aspects of Professional Services to understand the customer’s requirements so he can utilize the capabilities of SysAid to provide customers with the most efficient ITSM solution.

Willie Levy - VP Sales

Willie Levy

With over 12 years of experience in international sales and business development in global high-tech software companies, Willie Levy joined SysAid in 2010 to lead the expanding sales team and fast-growing customer accounts. Since he has been at SysAid, the sales team has more than quadrupled and yearly revenue has increased by 100%. As our VP Sales, Willie is ITIL certified and leads a sales team of fifteen.

Ilan Hertz | VP Marketing

Ilan Hertz

As VP Marketing, Ilan Hertz is in charge of conceiving and implementing SysAid’s overall marketing strategy. An Internet enthusiast from day one, Ilan is very technical and can intuitively tap into what IT people want. Ilan holds a BA in film and television, and an MBA from one of the top business schools in Israel.