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SysAid sponsored itSMF Estonia 2013

Last week I had the privilege to attend and to speak in another leading itSMF event in Europe - This time it was Estonia

What a fantastic event! It was held at the Swissotel in beautiful Tallinn, the oldest capital city in Northern Europe, on a date that is very unique as well - December 11th 2013, which is 11.12.13, a rare sequential day on the Gregorian calendar that will not occur again for 90 years. The next time a similar date will occur will be February 1, 2103 – 01.02.03 (not 2003). The organizers are definitely paying attention when picking dates for their events. When do you think their 2012 event took place? That’s right, on December 12th - 12.12.12.

Now Sobre the event itself… it was a full day packed with a super interesting agenda and more than 140 eager-to-be-enlightened ITIL advocate delegates from several countries in the surrounding region.

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My previous blog explained how and why we're jumping from SysAid 9 to SysAid 14.1, the latter being the subject of this blog. Just doing my part to keep you all updated!

Next week, we're beginning to upgrade our Cloud customers to the latest version of SysAid—version 14.1—and we're starting Beta 14.1 for our On-Premise customers. You probably heard a lot of talk Sobre it because it will include the new Patch Management module, which is something I will address in another post and webinar. But, for now, I want to talk Sobre some other really great features we added, which give tremendous value in your day-to-day tasks.

Convert Incidents to Requests and Vice Versa

The first feature I want to mention is the option to convert incidents to requests and vice versa. This is specifically for those of you who utilize the SysAid ITIL package. You have incidents and you have requests and often you find out very quickly that your users don’t always know the difference between them, causing you to be stuck with an incident, when actually the issue involved is a request. So what do you do? Instead of trying to deal with it by deleting/duplicating/copying related items, SysAid just added a button that allows you to instantly convert the service record from an incident to a request or the other way around.

Convert Incidents to Requests and Vice Versa

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 IT Benchmarks

In this day and age we have access to a lot of data and information, but we don’t always necessarily know how to use it. In a recent presentation that I conducted at the itSMF UK Conference and Exhibition in England, I looked at real numbers and statistics (taken from our own customer-aggregated benchmark data) and discussed ways in which you could utilize the data to help improve basic issues faced on the Service Desk. As many of you would obviously not have been able to see that presentation, I’ve decided to turn it into my very own blog series of benchmarks and advice.

One message that I am keen to make clear with this blog series is that you don’t have to be a SysAid customer to benefit from it. The series will utilize SysAid data, but the advice given will be applicable to anybody within the ITSM industry regardless of which tool you are using. So please help share the advice given in these blogs amongst your peers and colleagues for the benefit of the entire ITSM community.

In the series you can expect to see statistics and advice on:

  • Incident Classification Categories
  • Knowledge Management and Reuse
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

If there is anything else that you would like to see addressed as part of this series then please leave a note in the comments section of this article.

Today, we start with looking at customer access channels and how to improve service.

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BYOD pros vs cons

The debate over whether or not BYOD (bring your own device) is an effective policy focuses on two major issues: productivity and security.

Proponents of BYOD stress the fact that allowing employees to use personal devices for business increases productivity immensely. A recent survey of over 500 executives by CIO Insight showed that 63% of the participants had an increase in productivity as a result of their BYOD policies.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, BYOD does create new issues in terms of security. It is well documented that many of the companies using BYOD often overlook the possible security threats it may cause.

Before you decide whether or not your company will institute a BYOD policy, let's explore some of the pros and cons in terms of productivity and security.

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SysAid New Version Numbering

Here at SysAid, the "naming" of our software has always been a technical issue of incrementing the numbers as we release new features…and new versions.

When I joined the company in 2008, we were at SysAid Release 5. Since that time, there’s been two major releases each year, so we went from 5.5 to 6 to 6.5 to 7, and so on. Last year we reached the 9th generation of our product with the Últimas versões 9.1.

With the numbers rising and before entering the 2-digit arena (aka Release 10), we figured it’s the perfect time to improve the logic to our naming convention. So we began to rethink our numbering strategy/policy.

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At FUSION 13, the annual joint itSMF USA and HDI conference, a group of pre-selected people came together to consider and report back on the future of the IT service management (ITSM) industry.

There are many articles and blogs that cover the group’s outputs ranging from the SM Congress site, through a article by the group’s initiator Charles Araujo, through to blogs that take a number of different views on the group’s outputs, including:

These are blogs that cover a wide range of views on the merits of and issues with the SMCongress and its outputs. But I want to put those to one side for now; well, actually for the rest of the blog. I want to give you my views. I want you to think of it from the point of view of our customers.

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Gartner's Top IT Predictions for 2014: BYOD and Cloud Computing to Take Over

In the world of technology, timeliness is extremely important. Being the first to take advantage of new and popular trends gives you more time to implement and perfect them. So when Gartner unveils their annual predictions for IT trends for the forthcoming year, it’s a good idea to pay attention.

After looking through Gartner's top 10 IT predictions for 2014, two things are very evident:

  1. Companies need to start preparing for an influx of mobile device usage in the workplace
  2. The Cloud will become an even more integral part of ALL IT needs

We have already seen these trends emerging heavily throughout 2013. The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry has been experiencing tremendous growth thanks to the growing popularity of cloud computing, and BYOD has been a hot topic for nearly all of 2013. It’s safe to say that Gartner's predictions aren’t too far off.

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If you have a SysAid CSS account, this blog post is directed towards you.

SysAid has decided to merge SysAid CSS with our leading ITSM solution SysAid IT, and you have a lot to gain. As you may have noticed, SysAid CSS was not upgraded for quite some time. We were in thinking mode, assessing our next step with the CSS (customer service software) solution. The decision was made to bring CSS to the level of our popular IT solution, and offer all our CSS clients the same treatment as everyone else, in terms of consistent upgrades and updates.

Our Customer Relations department is here to support you with any issue that might come up in the transitions process. For your convenience, we have recorded a webinar that will explain the process and demonstrate some new features that you'll be getting. Watch the video below:

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itSMF UK Conference and Exhibition 2013

Well, Oded Moshe, Joe the IT Guy, and I are fresh back from the UK following our very first visit to the itSMF UK Conference and Exhibition in Birmingham last week. It was cold, and it rained a lot, but I’m pleased to say that the event itself made up for both of these facts.

The wide-variety of event content was delivered by: high profile names; IT consultants; vendors; and people with proper IT jobs, and between the three of us we attended numerous sessions looking at topics ranging from effective problem solving to gamification, from financial management to change & release processes, and more.

It would be a tall task for us to write Sobre every presentation with passion, so instead we’ve decided to highlight the sessions that stood out to us most.

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Frustration, confusion, and a general disconnect all describe the current relationship between many IT departments and business-side employees. However, the concept of the Enterprise Genius Bar is improving the way help desks operate within companies today.

The Enterprise Genius Bar is essentially an Apple Genius Bar for the workplace. Within the Apple Genius Bar, customers are encouraged to bring their devices in to SAIBA MAIS Sobre how they operate, how to resolve basic issues, and to see what other technology is available. This interaction eliminates the wall that exists between a typical help desk and customers because both parties are face-to-face and the entire experience has a more personal touch.

An Enterprise Genius Bar brings the same model into the workplace. The modernized enterprise help desk has already been successfully implemented by SAP, and many more forward-thinking companies are planning on adapting the concept. Even companies that have not fully adapted the Genius Bar model are at least taking some cues from the idea.

Here are a few Genius Bar inspired improvements and techniques that IT departments are making.

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